Q&A with Mr Rob Smith

I am active and sporty, and have twisted my ankle badly. It isn’t really settling what should I do?

Mr Rob Smith Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon replies:

Most ankle sprains will improve after about two weeks, with a full recovery after six weeks. Anyone who is sporty would benefit from physiotherapy in the early stages. If symptoms are severe, or persist beyond eight weeks, I would recommend seeing an ankle injury specialist.

What could be wrong if I am not getting better?

There are two main types of symptoms - pain and giving way (instability), sometimes you can get both together. Pain can be due to scar tissue developing inside the joint, giving way can be due to significant ligament damage. Together (that is painful giving way) it can mean there is a joint surface injury.

So what can be done to help?

A specialist will be able to assess your symptoms, and look at your ankle to make a diagnosis. An x ray, and possibly an MR scan will give more information. Most of these conditions can be helped with injections or surgery. The more severe injuries can take longer to recover from but these are fortunately not too common.

To find out more or to make an appointment with Mr Smith please call 0845 602 2500

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