Blood clot or thrombosis test

Spire Cheshire Hospital in Warrington, Cheshire, offers a wide range of private blood tests and investigations including a blood clot or thrombosis test. Speak to your GP if you would like a private blood clot or thrombosis test and ask for a referral to Spire Cheshire Hospital. Alternatively please contact us on 01925 215029 for more information.

The body’s ability to stop bleeding is by forming clots. This is vital to stop too much blood being lost after an injury. However, unwanted blood clots can form inside the body and these are called thromboses (for example DVT - deep vein thrombosis or 'economy class  syndrome') and most commonly occurs in the veins and the lungs.

Blood clot test, thrombosis test

A number of tests are available to see how well the body is able to form a clot when needed or to see if the body is likely to form clots when they are not needed. These tests can indicate the need for treatment and can also be used to monitor treatment.

These tests are performed by taking a sample of blood which is analysed in our laboratories.

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