New prostate cancer test now available at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

January 2009

The new PCA3 genetic test is now available as an outpatient procedure at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.

Prostate Cancer gene 3 (PCA3) is a new gene-based test carried out on a urine sample. PCA3 is highly specific to prostate cancer and this gene is overexpressed in over 95% of prostate cancer cases.

The PCA3 test looks for the expression of genes found only in prostate cancer cells. Up to 100 times more PCA3 is present in prostate cancer cells than non-cancerous cells. By analysing cells from the prostate found in the urine the likelihood of having prostate cancer can be determined.

PSA Test

A high PSA test together with a positive PCA3 test is clinically significant and further tests such as biopsies may then be recommended.

Based only upon a raised PSA test, many men will undergo prostate biopsies unnecessarily - approximately only 1 out of 3 men having a biopsy will have prostate cancer.

For more information visit the websites our our consultants: Cambridge Urology Clinic and Cambridge Urology Partnership

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