Southern Obesity Surgery at Spire Southampton Hospital believes in being open about its results. These results of weight loss surgery procedures are something to be proud of and we know we have helped many patients regain a quality of life they had not enjoyed for a long time.

The team of weight loss experts have been performing surgery at Spire Southampton Hospital since 2006. Since then new and different procedures have been developed, which have given different levels of success for different patients. This means more than ever before, the choice available to patients to find a weight loss procedure most suitable, has never been better.

To see some of the results we have available please see the following procedures pages.

Results for gastric bypass procedures

Results for gastric band procedures

Results for gastric sleeve procedures

Another factor to consider when choosing the best place to have your surgery, are the infection rates of the clinic or hospital. To see the latest Healthcare Standards information about Spire Southampton Hospital please click here.