New laser treatments available

It is a really exciting month ahead at Cosmetic Surgery Hampshire with the arrival of the new Elite laser on the 2 December 2014. This is the start of the new non-surgical services that we are planning to offer with neo-strata peels and products planned for January 2015.

Hair removal is a popular and effective treatment for permanently reducing hair and leaves the skin smooth, so there is no need to worry about bikini lines, underarms or legs when the sunshine returns. A course of treatments can significantly reduce the hair so shaving, plucking and hair removal creams are a thing of the past!

With winter months ahead it is an ideal time to have the treatments, as they can’t be carried out when you have a tan. 

Hair removal treatments are suitable for all skin types. It is very effective on dark hairs, but doesn’t work on hairs that are blonde and grey.

Facial hair removal offers confidence for ladies embarrassed by facial hair. 

Facial hair and stubble on the top lip, chin and sides of face can be very difficult to manage and can make ladies very self-conscious. Laser hair removal can significantly reduce this hair and can be a life-changing solution for ladies who have spent hours trying to manage facial hair. For ladies with polycystic ovaries, who often suffer with excessive ongoing hair, laser hair removal can help manage the hair but patients do usually need maintenance treatments.

Laser thread vein treatments are popular and very effective for treating thread veins on both the face and body. Patients can achieve a refreshed complexion and a more even skin tone when facial thread veins are reduced.

For patients who feel unable to wear shorts or skirts in the summer because they are conscious of thread veins on their legs, laser treatments can offer a solution and give patients the confidence to reveal their legs.

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