An ectropion is where part or the entire lower eyelid turns outwards away from the eye. There are various causes but the most common cause is simply an ageing effect of the eyelid. It often affects both eyes but can occur in one eye alone. Apart from the aesthetic change to the eyelid, symptoms include the inner lining of the eyelid becoming dry and sore, the affected eye may become watery (due to proximity to the tear ducts) and damage to the cornea (If the eye is not able to close properly) due to lack of protection usually provided by the eye lid.

What is the treatment for an ectropion?

Surgery is usually required to correct the effects of ectropion. The operation 'tightens' the skin and muscles around the eyelid. The best results are obtained if the condition has not become too severe. However, in more severe cases, further surgery may be required.