Perform enables athletes from all sports to benefit from cutting-edge sports science testing, suitable for teams of all ages. Fitness testing plays a major role in modern sport. By helping develop, analyse and interpret a base of information for individuals or groups, it allows coaches to prescribe suitable training programmes.

Specialist services are outlined below and are available across the Perform network. 

At the BASES Human Performance Laboratory at St. George’s Park, Perform is able to offer intuitive services with individual or group-specific fitness and performance testing, functional training and conditioning sessions.

How much does it cost?

A fixed price for this treatment may be available on enquiry and following an initial consultation.

If available, you can trust Spire Healthcare to provide you with a single, fixed price so there are no surprises1. Interest free finance may be available through our carefully chosen partner, Zebra Health Finance Ltd2.

We're here to help you with making these important choices, so you're then free to concentrate on your treatment and on getting back to being you.

1 Please read our patient terms and conditions for full details of what's included and excluded in your fixed price.

2 Interest free finance (0% represented APR available) through Zebra Health Finance Ltd.

Endurance Sport Testing

The Perform at St. George’s Park Sports Science team provide tailored advice and expert support to help you perform better. They offer a comprehensive analysis and assessment of endurance to help increase performance for individual athletes and teams across all sports including cycling, triathlon, running, rowing, Ironman. The available packages are listed below or just call us for a bespoke consultation.

Baseline Exercise Test
90 mins

» Body Composition, FMS, VO2max and Blood Lactate Exercise Test
£190.00 for 2 hours

» Body Composition, FMS, VO2max and Blood Lactate Exercise Test and Hydration Assessment
£240.00 for 2.5 hours

» Body Composition, FMS, VO2max and Blood Lactate Exercise Test, Hydration Assessment, Blood Assessment and Hydro Recovery Session 
£360.00 for 4 hours

» Body Composition, FMS, VO2max and Blood Lactate Exercise Test, Hydration Assessment, Blood Assessment, Hydro Recovery Session and Firstbeat Performance Monitoring Analysis
£490.00 for 4.5 hours

Seasonal Performance Monitoring
» Platinum package initially and then three separate Gold packages throughout the year
£850.00 (direct debit)

Isokinetic, Force and Gait analysis

The Gait Lab at St. George’s Park and Southampton offers a running assessment using an
array of tools to best analyse your running technique and relationship to pain. Using pressure software and kinematic assessment we will provide a rounded view of musculoskeletal asymmetries/ dysfunctions which may attribute to your running related issues. 

Our experts use treadmill analysis, or 60m track analysis at St. George’s Park, and where suitable MSK screen high speed camera feedback to assess your condition and to put together an exercise prescription to combat your MSK dysfunction or the way you run. 

The Perform BASES accredited Human Performance Laboratory housed within the National Football Centre provides the following additional assessments:

• VO2 profiling (lactate threshold, running economy, VO2 max) to provide key measures of a performers aerobic fitness and corresponding training zones
• Sweat Sodium analysis for the individualisation of hydration strategies
• Force plate analysis to assess dynamic strength capabilities such as rate of force development, peak power and key strength ratios, either uni- or bi-laterally.
• Isokinetic strength assessments for all major muscle groups in the body to identify potential pre-cursors for injury, either for the rehabbing or fully fit athlete.

Field Based Testing for squads

As a provider of cutting edge sport science support services for football, Perform at St. George’s Park provides access to world leading facilities; encompassing both field and laboratory based physiological / performance assessments, conditioning programmes and hydrotherapy recovery strategies. Our intention is to meet the individual needs of the player and club to optimise physical capabilities and the prevention of injury.

Sports Science Performance Testing
• Anthropometric assessment
• Neuromuscular performance assessment
• Cardiovascular and metabolic performance assessment
£35 per player + VAT

Sports Science Screening
• Sports Science Performance Testing Package • Biomechanical and functional assessment
£45 per player + VAT
+ £100 for remote service

EPPP Support
• Maturation/anthropometric assessment
• Lab and field based testing/screening; remote or on-site
• LTAD plans and session delivery
• Cardiac screening
• Collation of data and periodised programme design

Please call to talk to us about bespoke packages.


Maintaining a hydrated state before, during and after a training session is vital to sustain performance over long periods of time. However, of equal importance is consuming a drink that will replace your electrolytes lost in sweat and help prevent fatigue. 

A precise hydration assessment is available at Perform at St. George’s Park, which will allow us to test your sweat and create a specific drink tailored to your body’s needs meaning no more cramping and reduced levels of fatigue. We can also analyse five urine samples prior to your training sessions prior to visiting.

Firstbeat Performance Monitoring

Available at our Perform centres at St. George’s Park, Southampton and Edinburgh, this is an innovative and sophisticated software. Firstbeat technology assesses stress reactions and your ability to recover from daily life stressors and training through monitoring of heart rate variability (HRV). You will be asked to wear a Firstbeat Bodyguard monitor for 72 hours prior to your visit to your chosen Perform, whilst recording your training schedule, sleep patterns and food intake. This will be followed by a specialist-led feedback session that will provide strategies and direction of how to improve work performance, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and sleep.