Do you snore? Are you always tired?

If you suffer from disrupted sleep our sleep and snoring clinic is just the place for you

Fully integrated investigations and treatments are now available in North Wales to diagnose and treat snoring and sleep apnoea under the direction of Mr Arvind Arya, ENT Consultant.

We offer 2 simple and effective take-home overnight monitoring devices to measure oxygen saturation and/or sleep patterns.

On return to the hospital the device is downloaded and a range of reports ensure the correct diagnosis is made. Prices for the sleep study diagnosis range from £430 to £630, excluding consultation fees.

About the clinic

If the diagnosis is sleep apnoea, patients can be referred for private CPAP therapies through RealSleep. They are experts in the field and will provide full patient support.

Prices for the CPAP fitting, supply of the mask and ongoing support start from £850.

For simple snoring, injection snoreplasty is available at Spire Yale Hospital and 
Spire Abergele Rooms on a self-pay basis. The treatment involves an injection into the soft palate to reduce or eliminate palatal flutter.

The snoreplasty is carried out in our outpatient departments under local anaesthetic. On occasions, patients may require surgical intervention to help eliminate their symptoms.

We offer a range of surgical procedures and if necessary, these options can be discussed with Mr Arya.