Transforming knee joint replacement

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons at Spire Wellesley Hospital lead the way with revolutionary knee replacement technology.

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Spire Wellesley Hospital has become the first hospital in Essex to carry out a knee replacement operation using the NAVIO™ Robot assisted system

Benefits of robot-assisted surgery

  • CT-free technology
  • Creates a more "normal" feeling knee
  • Improvement in recovery times
  • Less removal of healthy tissue
  • More precise placement of implant

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As well as insured patients, we welcome self-funding patients. If you’re insured, please call and advise your insurance company that you're arranging an appointment with one of our Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, as you’ll need an authorisation code to book your appointment.

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What the Consultants say

Orthopaedic surgeons at Spire Wellesley Hospital have welcomed the investment in NAVIO and have described it as “an outstanding leap forward in technology which will revolutionise knee joint replacement.”

Spire Wellesley’s commitment to orthopaedic excellence

Working with leading consultants in their field, we have become the private hospital of choice for knee replacements in Essex and the surrounding area.

Spire Wellesley is leading the way in orthopaedic surgery and has been selected by industry experts Smith & Nephew to be the first hospital in Essex to offer this pioneering new system. This cutting edge technology has already been used successfully in the US to the benefit of many patients.

Our team of expert physiotherapists provide comprehensive prehabilitation programmes to help strengthen the limb before surgery to improve recovery. They use the onsite gym to support patient rehabilitation following surgery.

We offer fast access to appointments, which are available six days a week.

NAVIO™ statistics

NAVIO robotic assisted procedures have been carried out for over five years. There are 100+ NAVIO systems assisting with surgery worldwide spanning 13 countries.

Over 6,000 robotic assisted knee procedures have been carried out so far and over 300 surgeons worldwide regularly perform NAVIO procedures.*

Navio platform clinical success:

  • 10+ peer reviewed clinical publications1
  • 50+ scientific abstracts accepted at peer reviewed scientific conferences2
  • The NAVIO handpiece accurately removes bone identified by the surgeon-approved, patient-specific plan3
  • Restoration of the joint-line height was significantly improved with robotics-assisted surgery compared with conventional techniques4

*Source: Smith and Nephew sales figures

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