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Vascular surgery is a specialty dealing with diseases affecting the vascular system including diseases of arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are caused by blood collecting in superficial veins which lie just beneath the skin, often in the legs. These veins have a series of valves which help blood back towards the heart, but in some cases the valves become weakened or damaged and no longer close properly. When this occurs, blood is able to flow backwards; collecting in the vein. This becomes visible on the surface of the skin as a varicose vein. A varicose vein often appears engorged or twisted, and can be a blue or dark purple colour on the skin.

Why choose Spire Washington Hospital for your vein treatment

At Spire Washington Hospital you will be seen by an experienced specialist committed to providing high levels of care to all our patients. We offer a number of out-patient procedures to treat varicose veins and thread veins. Patients walk in and out after the procedures because they are performed using minimally invasive techniques.