Hospital’s pride in health watchdog report

11 January 2017

The CQC's role is to monitor, inspect and regulate healthcare in England, ensuring that patients get safe, effective and high-quality care.  It undertakes this role through a systematic review of providers, including formal inspections.  

Hospital Director Adrian Connolly said he was delighted with the rating which is ‘a credit to everyone involved with the hospital’.

The CQC inspection really is crucial to us as a hospital and for us to get a ‘Good’ rating across the board is something we are all very proud of.  It demonstrates a very strong performance from staff across the whole hospital with consistent delivery of high standards of care throughout. From housekeeping and catering through to admin staff, nurses and consultants, everyone should take pride in this achievement”.

After a rigorous inspection of the Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Fordcombe, the CQC noted that staffing levels were well monitored and provided a high standard of care.  Cleanliness was good and this was reflected in infection control policies, processes and infection rates and cited several examples of outstanding practises. 


In addition, the senior management team were visible, had good oversight of governance and continually strove for improvement.


Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital is an independent hospital specialising in all types of medical procedures.


To read the full report please click here

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