Breast consultants form a partnership

30 March 2017

The One Stop Breast clinic at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital is proud to provide its patients with fast access to diagnostic tests and scans, including 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis technology.

Mr Devalia and Mr Dani, both Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic surgeons, have made the decision to form the partnership 'South East and London Breast Care Limited'.

They say "We are passionate about providing holistic care to our patients with breast problems - cancer and benign. By creating a partnership we are in a better position to provide the highest standard of care.

"At Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital patients can be seen at their convenience as we can offer flexibility and continuity of care by covering each other. We can also offer patients two expert surgeons opinions, as we work well together and discuss patients thoroughly to give them the best treatment options."

If you are suffering with any breast symptoms or have been referred to the clinic, call us on 01892 741150 for more information.

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