Interactive Orthopaedic Symposium

24 June 2017

Six of our leading Orthopaedic Consultants met with 50+ GP's in The Bull Hotel for a fantastic day of Orthopaedic talks. Unlike our other events, this event was a mix of both talks and interactive workshops (Foot and Ankle, Knee, Hip, Spine and Shoulder)

  • The Consultant Surgeons that attended were:
  • Mr Henry Bourke - Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon
  • Mr Naffis Anjarwalla - Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon
  • Mr Gian Singer - Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon
  • Mr Rakesh Kucheria - Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon
  • Mr Adam Pandit - Orthopaedic Upper Limb Surgeon
  • Mr Callum Clark - Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

The first part of the morning was an introduction from Mr Henry Bourke with the plan for the workshop and an introduction of each consultant. Breakfast was also served, Bacon and Egg Rolls or fresh fruit with yoghurt!

The second part of the day was an interactive workshop with workstations - very similar to 'speed dating' - 20 minutes with each consultant, asking questions you may have and listening to a brief talk using a model.

It was a fantastic day of interaction and learning, followed by a lovely lunch. It is also a great chance for GP's and health professionals to meet some of our consultants that they haven't personally met before - its always nice to put a face to a name.

Mr Henry Bourke commented: "Thank you to Spire Thames Valley for a terrific opportunity to have some interactive musculoskeletal examination practice with our local GP's and physios. Education in a fun and informal environment."

Should you wish to refer into anyone at Spire Thames Valley, please contact our team on 01753 665 404.

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