Spire Windsor Clinic can now offer open MRI scanning facilities using the MAGNETOM C Scanner, one of the most sophisticated scanners on the market and the only "C" shaped open MRI scanner available in the Windsor area.

This technology produces rapid, high resolution images to give detailed information about bones and joints, the head and neck, and virtually every organ in the body, including arteries. The open "C" shape design ensures that patients are comfortable and reduces the anxiety of claustrophobia patients can often feel when being scanned.

Spire Windsor Clinic’s MRI scanning service is available to all patients, whether they are insured or not.

What are the benefits of an MRI scan?

The non invasive nature of MRI means all types of data can be collected without the need for traumatic examinations.

The scanner’s technology means:

  • Instant imaging due to the improvements of the in-line processing technology
  • More accurate diagnoses than ever before
  • The best quality data in the shortest possible scan times
  • The capacity to record images for training purposes


The MAGNETOM C scanner can perform a vast range of examinations including:

  • Shoulder, knee, wrist, ankles and feet imaging
  • Advanced orthopaedic studies, for example parametric mapping for early detection of osteo-arthritic pathology, neurological brain, neck and whole spine scans
  • Advanced neurological studies
  • Abdominal studies for gynaecology and urology
  • Oncology
  • Angiography
  • Rheumatology

The information is collected electronically over a short period of time and translated into a series of computer images which can be studied by the medical experts.

Call us on 01753 665 404

Patients will need to be assessed for suitability for an MRI scan by their GP or consultant and then referred.

Patients who are not covered by medical insurance will need to pay on the day by debit/credit card or cash. For self pay prices, please contact 01753 665 404. To book an MRI scan or for test results, please call 01753 665454.

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