Spire Windsor Clinic in Buckinghamshire runs Male Fertility Clinic under the direction of consultant urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay.
Jonathan Ramsay speaks of his fertility practice: "I have been fortunate to have been able to develop a large practice in male fertility over the past 20 years. In 2009-10, 400 patients have been referred of whom 150 have had surgical procedures, including 30 micro-testicular sperm extractions. "Human fertility encompasses biology, emotion and psychology, and I enjoy trying to attend to every aspect of each couple's hopes and even disappointments."

Treatments offered at Spire Windsor Male Fertility Clinic

Male Fertility Treatment

Male Factor Infertility consultation, analysis, investigation and diagnosis.

Sperm Retrieval and Storage

Sperm Retrieval is a broad term describing a variety of modern surgical techniques used to obtain sperm without ejaculation. For patients with non-obstruction azoospermia a microsurgical sperm retrieval (micro TESE) may be indicated.

Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal is an operation to reconnect or unblock the vas deferens and restore the flow of sperm from your testicles to your penis.

Semen Analysis Clinic

Spire Thames Valley Hospital is pleased to offer a fully comprehensive semen analysis performed by an experienced embryologist, in discreet and comfortable surroundings.

Why you might need it?

Appropriate testing and accurate interpretation of semen analysis results is vital to achieve a reliable diagnosis for male factor infertility.

Who will do it?

The analysis is currently performed by our consultant embryologist Ms Claire Mooney.

What will the sperm test results include?

  • The number of sperm present. This is important as sperm have to travel an exceptionally long distance from the vagina into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg. If the count is too low, the chances of sperm finding the egg is going to be very much reduced.
  • The percentage of sperm that are moving and analysis of how progressively mobile these sperm are. Sperm need to be able to move rapidly and in straight lines if they are to be successful in reaching the egg.
  • The shape of the sperm (morphology) with a detailed breakdown of defects. If sperm are an abnormal shape this can decrease their ability to fertilise an egg.
  • MAR antibody test (IgA/IgG). If antibodies are present, this can cause the sperm to stick together and reduce the ability of the sperm to fertilise an egg
  • Presence of other cells as a marker of inflammation or infection as this may reduce fertility.


Results available on the same day, including a full explanation of your results with our Embryologist Miss Claire Mooney.

To book an appointment

We currently hold an evening and weekend clinic for semen analysis which is held at both Spire Thames Valley Hospital and Spire Windsor Clinic.

Please call Fertility Solutions: 01753 891118 or click here to book an appointment.