Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr Paul Kirkland treats patients in his one-stop mole and skin lesion clinic for removal of unwanted mole, cyst, wart and skin tags.

Patients coming to one-stop mole and skin lesion removal clinic can expect:

  • Consultation and prompt examination with consultant  
  • Highest quality treatment performed as an out-patient procedure
  • Professional care from a qualified nurse
  • Some skin lesions removed within the clinic may be sent to a pathologist for interpretation. You will be informed about the outcome by telephone or letter

Removal starts from £370*

The one-stop Mole and Skin Lesion Removal Clinic is a self-pay service and a GP referral is not required. Payment will be due at appointment.

To make an appointment at the one-stop mole and skin lesion removal clinic, please call us on 01424 757 455.

*This is the guide for one lesion without histology