Insomina Clinic

Advice and treatment for people suffering with their sleep.

The Insomnia Clinic at Spire Sussex Hospital is run by Dr Simon Merritt, respiratory and sleep medicine consultant, and Steve Clifford , cognitive behavioral therapist, both highly experienced and qualified in treating patients. 

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a difficulty with the initiation, maintenance, length or quality of sleep resulting in the impairment of daytime functioning, despite the adequate opportunity and circumstances for sleep.

Some people might be happy with four hours sleep and do not have insomnia; whereas another person may feel they need more, and provided this impacts on their day-to-day functioning and has been present for more than two months, they have insomnia.

How common is insomnia?

At least 10% of the UK population have chronic insomnia, defined as lasting for more than one month, whilst lesser, shorter lasting versions can affect up to 50% of the population. It is more common in women, older adults and patients with chronic medical and psychiatric disorders.

What are the difference types of insomnia?

Insomnia can be divided into two types: primary and secondary insomnia. The cause of primary insomnia is unknown but thought to be due to hyperarousal. Insomnia caused by other things, such as a medical condition, drug or substance, or to a psychiatric disorder, is termed secondary.

How can we help?

Dr Simon Merrit and Mr Steve Clifford offer a treatment course called ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia’ (CBT I). The treatment course involves a stand alone assessment with Dr Merritt at the Spire Sussex Hospital, during which a full sleep history will be taken and treatment options explained.

This will be followed by a package of six cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, tailored to suit your individual needs at weekly intervals with Mr Steve Clifford. Further one-off reinforcement sessions are also available.

As an evidence-based approach, cognitive behavioural therapy can help you to overcome insomnia and enjoy a good quality of life once again.

For more information on The Insomnia Clinic, how CBT works and tips for getting a good night sleep please visit or contact Customer Services at Spire Sussex Hospital on 01424  757 455.