Spire Sussex Hospital offers micro surgical reversal of vasectomy to men who want to restore fertility or who need a vasectomy reversal for medical reasons. Our expert urologist consultants Mr Roger Plail and Mr Steve Garnett regularly perform the vasectomy reversal procedure.

About 80% of men are able to father children if vasectomy reversal takes place within 5 years of their vasectomy

Who is the Vasectomy Reversal Clinic open to?

The Clinic is open to all patients who would like the vasectomy reversal procedure across Sussex and Kent.

What is a Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy Reversal is an operation to re-join each of the tubes (vasa deferentia) that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. These were cut during your vasectomy operation.

How should I choose my surgeon?

A good surgeon should be able to answer all your questions including their how many procedures they perform and the success rates, you will be able to do this at your initial consultation. At Spire Sussex Hospital the surgeons performing the vasectomy reversal procedure are Mr Roger Plail and Mr Steve Garnett.

What follow up arrangements are there?

After your procedure you will have a follow up consultation with your surgeon. A sperm count is arranged for approximately 3 months after the reversal of vasectomy.

Do I need a GP referral?

We do require a GP referral before an appointment can be booked. You just need to visit your GP and ask them to send a referral over to Spire Sussex Hospital, once received we will contact you to arrange your initial consultation. 

For a quote or further information please contact customer services on 01424 757 455.