Consultant ENT surgeon Mr Simon Baer treats patients in his One-Stop Clean Ear Clinic for the removal of ear wax at Spire Sussex Hospital.

Mr Baer uses a minimally invasive technique known as microsuction. This involves the use of a microscope to provide a good view of the ear canal and a miniature vacuum cleaner to gently remove wax. It is an extremely safe and comfortable method of cleaning the ear. It does not carry the same risk of trauma and infection that can be associated with syringing.

Assessment and removal of ear wax: £80
Payment will be due at time of appointment

The One-Stop Clean Ear Clinic is a self pay service and Mr Baer does not require a GP referral for this clinic. Clinics are currently run twice a month on a Thursday morning.

You can find out more about Mr Baer on his website

To make an appointment for ear wax removal at the Clean Ear Clinic with Mr Baer, please call us on 01424 757 454.