"After several years of 'health issues!', my GP felt that I should be referred to a Consultant Gynaecologist. I am very grateful that as a member of a private healthcare scheme, I was able to ask to be referred to a Consultant in whom I had absolute trust and confidence. After confirming that I was covered by my policy, I quickly recieved an appointment to see Mr Auld. The result of this consultation was that I would be admitted for a Hysterectomy. From the moment that my referral was recieved by Mr Auld's private secretary, I was met with such efficiency and kindness by everyone involved in my care. This team includes the bookings team, receptionists and the outpatient nurses who were with me during my initial consultation and my pre-assessment visit.

"I am a nurse, and along with a good many of the medical profession I am an eternal coward and a bit of a drama queen, so by the time I was admitted for the surgery, I was rather anxious (that is an understatement!) the ward team were wonderful, they supported and calmed both me and my husband, who by this time was having his own concerns and anxieties! Both Mr Auld and Dr Gould, the Consultant Anaesthetists, saw me pre-operatively and were able to answer any concerns that I had, they were also very kind and understanding of my level of anxiety.

"The theatre team were equally kind and supportive and I found the male ODP's gentle sense of humour a help. I was treated at all times by my colleagues with sensitivity and professionalism.

"Throughout my four day stay the whole team looked after my every need and also the needs of my family. The catering team were wonderful in supplying my husband with refreshments during his visits, this was so much appreciated. I was well prepared for my discharge and given follow up appointments for both the Consultant and the physiotherapy team.

"I made a very quick and good recovery and I feel that a good deal of this is due to the whole hospital team who simply took care of everything for me at a time when I was actually qute stressed and anxious."