I've recently had surgery, performed by Paul Kirkland, to remove a rogue parathyroid gland. He has been helpful, informative and professional throughout as has Rebecca, his secretary and I can thoroughly recommend him. In all honesty I can say that he has given me my life back again.

My raised blood calcium reading was picked up during routine annual diabetic blood tests at my GP surgery. I was then sent for a DEXA bone scan and also had another blood test for raised calcium. The DEXA bone scan came back as normal but the blood calcium level was significantly raised.

My GP made an appointment ( April 2019 ) via the NHS to see an endocrinologist. This appointment was delayed twice and it was then that I contacted BUPA to arrange treatment through them - I found Paul Kirkland through the BUPA consultant finder search. After my initial appointment with Mr Kirkland, he arranged for a parathyroid Sestamibi Scan and an Ultrasound Scan to be done and these confirmed that one of the pararathyroid glands was enlarged and not functioning properly. Once this had happened, I saw Mr Kirkland again and arrangements were made for me to have surgery to have the gland removed.

Mr Kirkland was helpful, informative and professional throughout the process. As was his secretary, Rebecca.

I am now nearly 6 weeks after surgery and improvement was almost instant. I am not longer constantly tired, my energy levels are back to normal and I no longer get up in the night for the toilet.

Thanks to Paul Kirkland, I can honestly say that I feel I have got my life back again, it has made such a difference. I can thoroughly recommend him.