Spire Sussex Hospital launches new One-Stop Nasal Allergy Clinic

02 April 2014

Spire Sussex Hospital is pleased to launch One-Stop Nasal Allergy Clinic which offers consultation and skin prick test in one visit. 

Allergic disease is increasing amongst the UK population and one of the most common allergic conditions is nasal allergy also known as allergic rhinitis. It is estimated that allergic rhinitis affects 20% of the population in the UK and it is also known that rhinitis is present in the majority of patients with asthma. The seasonal type of nasal allergy is hay fever.

"Nasal allergy can be constant throughout the year or seasonal depending on the allergic trigger," says Mr Simon Baer, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at Spire Sussex Hospital in Hastings. "Constant allergy occurs due to house dust mite or pets whereas seasonal rhinitis is usually caused by one or more of the pollen types but can be due to mould spores."

Patients with nasal allergy will experience symptoms such as nasal blockage, discharge, sneezing and smell impairment but may also suffer from eye symptoms such as irritation and watering.

"Nasal allergy is diagnosed by a specialist who will need to take a careful medical history and examine the nose, sometimes using a telescope," explains Mr Baer. "The condition is confirmed and specific allergic triggers are identified by skin prick testing which is painless and in some cases a blood test may be necessary."

Treatment of nasal allergy includes avoiding the identified trigger factors as well as the use of medication such as nasal sprays and antihistamine tablets. In difficult or persistent cases a cure can be obtained by using a treatment called immunotherapy which alerts the body’s response to the allergic trigger. Immunotherapy can be given by injection or daily tablet.

Mr Baer has a special interest in nasal allergy and is pleased to offer diagnostic tests and the full range of treatment options in his One-Stop Nasal Allergy Clinic.

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