Making a referral guide

We are committed to supporting local healthcare professionals and aim to make the referral process as quick and simple as possible.

How to make a referral

Our Primary Care Liaison team will work closely with you, to help provide the highest level of service – Making a positive difference to our patients’ lives through outstanding personalised care is at the heart of everything we do.

You can refer your private patients to Spire Sussex Hospital:

  • Online – via Spire Connect
  • Email
  • Telephone

Online referrals

Spire Connect

Spire Connect is the quickest way to make a referral. The patient e-referral portal offers a fast, easy and fully secure way for GPs, practice staff and healthcare professionals to refer patients to Spire hospitals. As well as making secure online referrals for a broad range of treatments and tests and scans, you can also:

  • Receive email confirmations – once your referral is submitted and processed
  • Access sent referral information – at any time
  • Find direct up to date contact information
  • Save time and paper – it’s environmentally friendly

Login/register for Spire Connect

Email and telephone referrals


You can also refer your private patients to Spire Sussex by submitting your referrals to us via email to


Alternatively, you can refer your private patients to us via telephone, by calling us on 01424 757400.

  • Patient needs a referral letter from their GP. This can be done via Spire Connect or emailed to 
  • Patient will need to contact their medical insurance provider to check the consultation/treatment is covered and to obtain an authorisation code
  • Patient to contact hospital outpatient appointments team on 01424 757454 for an appointment
  1. Referral sent to Spire Sussex Hospital by GP (if required)
  2. Patient to contact our self-pay advisors on 01424 757455 / 757406or email for an appointment
  3. We will keep you informed of your patients’ progress

NHS referrals

Spire Sussex Hospital NHS patient referral (e-Referral Service)

Referrals for NHS patients can be sent through the online e-Referral Service (formerly choose and book) by visiting This is the best practice for us to receive NHS referrals, as patients will receive appointments in a timely manner and it is an efficient system.

We no longer accept email or fax referrals for NHS patients. Referrals can only be submitted online via the NHS e-Referral Service.

NHS referrals covered under the e-Referral Service at Spire Sussex Hospital are ENT, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics. Please note, there are some exclusions.

For more information, please contact our NHS team on:

  • 01424 757407
  • 01424 757439