Breast clinic

Spire St Anthony’s Breast Clinic serves many purposes; you may simply want to discuss a history of breast disease in your family and get a check-up, or you might have discovered a lump or be experiencing breast irregularity.

Whatever your individual clinical needs we aim to offer you the highest standard of care by minimising your apprehension and providing expert breast assessment, investigations and feedback. We have an excellent support team of specialists across a range of services, from diagnosis through to treatment and counselling, so you can be confident you are receiving the highest levels of care. Spire St Anthony’s Hospital has been accredited by the leading private health insurance company Bupa as a Breast Care Centre of Excellence.

Who can use the breast clinic?

The Breast Clinic is open to all whether you have private medical insurance or not.

If you have medical insurance, contact your insurer to ask if you are covered for the tests or treatment you may need and please bring any insurance details or pre-authorisation numbers with you to your first out-patient appointment.

If you are not covered by private medical insurance, one-off private treatment is available with a fixed price agreed in advance for more information please call 020 8335 4678 / 9 or send us an enquiry.

What happens at the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation your medical history will be reviewed and you will undergo a full breast examination in the presence of a nurse. Following the clinical examination further tests may be required to help obtain an accurate diagnosis.

The diagnostic tests may include one or more of the following:

  • Ultrasound - a painless examination of the breast using sound waves instead of X-rays
  • Core biopsy - this procedure involves the removal of some tissue from the breast for examination
  • Needle biopsy (fine needle aspiration) - this involves passing a thin needle into the breast to withdraw some breast cells for analysis

What if I need treatment?

The management of your condition will vary depending upon the diagnosis. In many cases it may be possible to reassure patients at their first visit.

If a cyst is present, it is usually possible to take out the fluid with a syringe and needle, with excellent results.

If a benign (non-cancerous) lump is found, it can be removed under a general anaesthetic.

If tests confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer, your consultant will discuss treatment options with Spire St Anthony’s breast multi-disciplinary team. Treatment may include a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy. For patients who require a mastectomy (removal of a breast), Spire St Anthony’s offers fast access to breast reconstruction surgery if appropriate.

Will you send the report to my GP?

Yes, with your consent, a full report will be sent to your GP.

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