Varicose veins - free mini consultations throughout 2018

31 December 2018

Do you suffer from aching legs? Are you unhappy about the appearance of varicose veins?

We offer a variety of treatments that can help, including:

  • Endovenous Laser
  • Surgical removal
  • Sclerotherapy

Why not book a free 15 minute mini consultation with one of our expert vascular surgeons to find out more about the options available to you?

Book your place

Places for our free mini consultations are offered on a limited availability basis and we have several dates that you can book.

Please call our team to reserve your place on 0208 335 4646 or email us at:

Please note, mini consultations are an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about varicose vein surgery and are not a formal out-patient consultation. If you wish to proceed to surgery, a full out-patient consultation will be required.



Varicose vein free mini consultation

Free mini vascular consultation


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