29 June 2021

6:45pm to 7:45pm

Free online event: women's health - fibroids and minimally invasive surgery

29 June 2021

Spire St Anthony's Hospital


Join us for our free virtual event with Miss Christina Ding, Consultant Gynaecologist & Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Women's Health Services at Spire St Anthony's Hospital

Spire St Anthony's Hospital offers a range of women's health services including the treatment of painful fibroids, vaginal prolapse, menopause and cancer.

According to the NHS, around 40% of women develop fibroids at some stage of their life but many have no symptoms.

However, you may have symptoms that affect your quality of life and prevent you living life to the full. These can include:

  • swelling or discomfort in the abdomen
  • heavy or prolonged bleeding
  • pain during sex
  • constipation
  • heavy periods
  • urinating unusually often

What will happen at the event?

Join our free virtual information session where Miss Christina Ding, Consultant Gynaecologist & Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine, will be speaking providing information on the minimally invasive surgical options available for the treatment of fibroids.

If you have any questions or would like more information then call 020 8335 4646 and our Private Treatment Advisors will be happy to help.

Further information

The event will hosted via Zoom. You'll be sent a meeting link to access the event when you register.

For confidentiality we ask that you change your zoom screen name to your initials when you log on to the session.

Zoom is a video conferencing service for hosting live virtual meetings. Zoom can be used from a computer, mobile or tablet. You don’t need a Zoom account to attend a virtual patient event.

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Date and time:
29 June 2021
6:45pm to 7:45pm