Residential Rehabilitation Services

Perform Southampton’s bespoke residential rehabilitation services are designed for patients recovering from surgery or injury. Patients will receive treatment from clinical and sports and exercise medicine experts including: • Physiotherapists • Medical doctors • Sport scientists • Strength and conditioning specialists Bespoke packages could include: Full assessment in our Human Performance Lab, Treatment and rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, Strength and conditioning, Pilates (all packages are tailor made and can also include hotel stays, catering and transport if required). Perform Southampton is a world-class rehabilitation, sports and exercise medicine, and human performance centre based in the Millbrook area of the city. Our purpose-built Perform centre features ten consultation/treatment rooms, a fully-equipped rehabilitation gym, hydrotherapy pool, specialist movement studio and Gait analysis lab to measure walking/running patterns.

Residential Rehabilitation for Amputees

We are proud to offer our residential rehabilitation packages in partnership with Dorset Orthopaedics, offering complete packages for amputees. The residential rehabilitation program offers significant benefits for a range of amputees; those keen to progress with and increase their mobility as soon as possible and those established and experienced amputees eager to get the optimum prosthesis and training for their chosen lifestyle activities. These programmes can therefore be tailored to suit individuals who recently became amputees through to those who wish to maximise the benefits of a new prosthesis.