Mr Mike Lousada

Consultant Sex Therapist in Psychosexual Somatics ®
PG Dip Counselling

Practising at

Spire Southampton Hospital

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Treatment information

Some of the principal treatments carried out by Mr Mike Lousada at Spire include:

Other treatments

Relationship Counselling Sex Addiction Couples Counselling Intimacy Counselling Sexual Dysfunction Reproductive Health Erectile Dysfunction

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Professional profile

Working in the field of somatic sexology since 2009, I have pioneered a new integrated body-mind approach to sex and intimacy issues, called Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy. This new discipline draws from my training in psychotherapy, bodywork, trauma therapy, and clinical sexology and integrates the latest neuroscience understandings of developmental psychology to offer a fast effective treatment for sexual issues. I have been teaching this approach since 2011. My private client base includes clients from over 60 countries and includes 'A' list celebrities, business leaders and many others high profile clients. I feature strongly in Naomi Wolf's latest best-seller, Vagina.

Specialising in combining techniques from talk therapy and a touch-based approach, Psychosexual Somatics® helps clients connect mental, emotional and physical aspects of their experience to offer fast effective treatment for sex and intimacy issues. Latest understandings from neuroscience are incorporated to ensure that patients develop new neural pathways which lead to new behaviours (for example, greater capacity for allowing intimacy).

To date I have treated around 1,000 patients, the great majority of whom have experienced significantly improved sexual and relational lives without the need for invasive surgery or pharmaceutical treatments. I have also presented my work to the NHS, the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and the College of Sex & Relationship Therapists (COSRT)

I am the head of faculty at Anteros Training Limited, an organisation that offers post-graduate level education and training in the field of somatic sexology.

My pioneering approach has attracted widespread media coverage and my work features regularly in publications such as The Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Psychologies and Cosmopolitan magazines. I also featured strongly in Naomi Wolf's latest best-seller Vagina: A New Cultural History.

Private contact details

Private secretary Clare
Private secretary telephone 07739 260 600
Private secretary email
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Qualification and professional memberships

Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, Certificate in Clinical Sexology:Sex Coaching, Certificate for Associate in Sex Education / University of East London, Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality (San Fransisco) / 2011
Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist, Bodyworker, Founder of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy

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Personal Profile

I love to expand my awareness through reading, the arts, music, lively conversation and interesting debate.  I love to relax with my wonderful partner and to spend time with her two sons and my own fabulous daughter.

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