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Our digestive system provides us with the nutrients and water we need from our food before eliminating toxins from our body. That’s why we need our bowels to be in good health.

It can be difficult to diagnose many problems that affect the digestive system, including conditions such as Crohn’s disease, coeliac/celiac disease and colitis as well as cancer. We offer a full set of tests for these conditions as well as treatments for painful conditions such as haemorrhoids.

Our specialist team

Meet the consultants who are part of our expert team here at The Spire Endoscopy Suite.

Our Consultants are surgeons who specialise in bowel surgery and work with a multi-disciplinary team including radiologists, oncologists and specialist nurses to provide the best possible clinical outcomes. They have expertise in treating patients using the most advanced techniques in bowel surgery including laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. They also specialise in the treatment of the more common conditions such as haemorrhoids with modern techniques such as Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation (THD) and Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy.

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Are bowel tests and surgery for you?

We’ve probably all had a tummy upset at some point in life. Your doctor is likely to recommend a bowel disorder test if you've been experiencing a consistent 'funny tummy’ – constipation, diarrhoea, bleeding or pain in your stomach area. You shouldn’t ignore bleeding from your bottom as it can be a warning flag to other more serious digestive diseases such as bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is the eighth most common cause of death in England and early diagnosis and treatment are vital for improving the chances of survival.

Why choose Spire South Bank Hospital for your bowel treatments?

Established, designed and run by a team of specialist bowel surgeons, The Spire Endoscopy Suite at Spire South Bank Hospital offers excellence in the management of a wide range of bowel conditions. Set in a unique, state-of-the-art facility, the clinic aids in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients.

What does a visit to The Spire Endoscopy Suite include?

The treatment of your bowel condition will start with a consultation with one of our surgeons. This will involve a detailed clinical assessment which may include a gentle internal examination. Subsequent investigations and treatment will be tailored according to your individual condition and needs.

We know that bowel related problems can cause a lot of anxiety and that people often find discussing their symptoms difficult. Our team at The Spire Endoscopy Suite aim to make the experience of visiting us as easy and comfortable for you as possible. You can expect to be seen in a relaxed, friendly environment and be greeted by staff who will treat you with respect, kindness and dignity.

For more information please call 01905 350 003.