Breast Care Centre

The Breast Care Centre offers a premium breast care service to Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Premium service in breast care

The unique centre provides a consultant-delivered, rapid assessment service using the latest digital mammography technology managed by an experienced, multidisciplinary team.

The Breast Care Centre at Spire South Bank Hospital is unlike any other in the region. Located in a unique, private period building set apart from the main hospital, the centre brings together a multidisciplinary team all under one roof. Our premium private hospital aims to ensure that patients experience high standards of cleanliness, exceptionally low infection control rates and a personal service.

A consultant-delivered service

We believe in a consultant-delivered service providing a premium standard in imaging and breast care. The multidisciplinary team consists of consultant surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, breast reconstruction surgeons, physiotherapists and breast care nurses all working to achieve a personal, high quality, rapid assessment service.

What a visit to the Breast Care Centre will include

In one visit to the Breast Care Centre patients can expect a rapid assessment and immediate results.

The visit will include an appointment with a consultant surgeon which will consist of a triple assessment: examination; a digital mammogram; and further tests if required.

Mammogram results will be discussed immediately afterwards.

What is digital mammography?

Digital mammography is a breast screening technology that uses digital receptors and computers to help examine breast tissue for breast cancer.

The electrical signals, which can be viewed on a computer screen, allow radiologists to spot any abnormalities earlier.

Using the latest technology from GE Healthcare, the first of its kind in the UK, the equipment offers excellent 2D image quality whilst the slim design ensures patient comfort.