Out with the old, in with the new…

02 March 2017

Week one of the 12 week program to install the new Philips Ingenia 1.5T MR scanner has started with a bang.

On Monday a team from the main contractor RCL removed the external wall of the MR room to facilitate removal of the existing scanner, this was completed on Tuesday and a temporary barrier installed to keep the weather out.

On Wednesday a team came in to check the integrity of the cage that surrounds the scanner which helps contain the magnetic field which is generated when the scanner is in full flow all being well this will be signed off and no further action required.

On Thursday the team from Devon Medical arrived with their 10 tonne crane to remove the existing scanner through the hole made by RCL, all went very smoothly and the scanner was loaded and taken away although the team had expected it to weigh in the region of 5 tonnes it actually weighed 6.2 tonnes! Fortunately it didn’t fall through the coffee lounge windows and give those in there watching a bit of a shock, work will continue to remove the cabinets located in the technical room by Devon Medical and once they have removed everything associated with the old scanner they will leave the project.

Next week RCL will start to strip out the old rooms and begin preparing it for the new scanner.




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