Are you suffering with pain in your knee? Common knee problems and injuries

09 November 2016

Suffering with knee pain? Our Orthopaedic Knee specialist Mr Barkatali answers your questions

I’ve injured my knee running or playing sport. What could it be?

There are a number of structures that can be injured when running or playing sport. This depends on the type of injury and also the severity. The structures that can be injured are the cartilage (i.e. the meniscus and hyaline cartilage) as well as the ligaments in and around the knee (i.e. ACL most commonly, MCL, PCL, PLC).

My knee keeps swelling up and locking and giving way. What could it be?

This is usually a sign of a tear in the meniscus. But this can also be a loose body in the knee joint which occasionally catches in between the joint surfaces and causes the symptoms. Very occasionally it is due to an ACL rupture. An MRI scan is often required to find out exactly the problem before embarking on any treatment

I have a meniscal tear. What are the options?

The meniscus is a type of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in the knee and helps to protect the knee. If it is torn, it can cause pain, swelling, locking and giving way of the knee. The best treatment is to repair this and preserve the meniscus, but this depends entirely on the type of tear and the condition of the meniscus. If it is not reparable, then it would have to be excised.

I have torn my ACL. How quickly can I get back to sport / full activity?

If return to sport is the aim, then usually an ACL reconstruction is required. With modern ACL reconstruction techniques combined with physiotherapy, one can be back to sport in 6 months. But this also depends on the fitness and motivation of the patient.

I am of the more mature age group but like to stay fit and mobile but my knee is causing me pain and limiting what I can do. How can I continue my active lifestyle?

If the pain is constant and stopping you from doing things then this is likely to be osteoarthritis. There are a number of options available to treat this to keep you enjoying your active lifestyle. This ranges from re-aligning the limb to take pressure off the affected areas, to partial knee replacement to a total knee replacement.

How long will I be in hospital?

This depends entirely on the type of surgery you’ve had. If it is keyhole surgery to address a cartilage problem or an ACL reconstruction; you’ll be home on the same day. If it is an operation like a total knee replacement, you’d be in hospital for 1 – 3 days depending on your recovery.

I want to find out more information. How do I do this?

You can visit:  or email:

Mr Barkatali is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon. His passion for surgery is around the knee and also the hip. His specialist interests are in sports injuries and trauma related pathology of the knee as well surgery for degenerative pathology. He ensures that his surgical practice is delivered to an exceptionally high standard, and prides himself on making the correct decisions for and with his patients, ensuring excellent clinical results and happy patients.

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