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Arranging fast private treatment

At Spire Regency hospital, your patient is guaranteed fast access to modern, well-equipped facilities and diagnostic services – usually within a week of referral. If subsequent treatment is required this is available without delay and can usually be completed within a few weeks.

Choosing your patients consultant

Demand the best for your patients and choose the consultant you want them to see. Your patient will see the same consultant at every appointment and will be in full charge of their care with the support of our 24-hour resident doctor and highly experienced nursing team.

Working with you

At Spire Regency, we have built our reputation on our ability to provide you with the service you want for your patients, and by delivering on our promise of excellent medical treatment and personal care and attention.

We make every effort to respond to your patients’ needs from the moment they arrive at one of our hospitals. We promise to explain medical matters in straightforward language without using technical terms or jargon. And, in conjunction with their chosen consultant, we’ll provide the information and advice needed to help prepare for their visit.

We’ll make sure you have everything your patients require and be ready to discuss any decisions affecting their treatment. There will always be friendly faces on hand to answer questions and make sure your patients are at ease with what’s happening.

Local GP support

Spire Regency is dedicated to supporting GPs locally and we have a dedicated business development team, working closely with GPs in the area.

For further information or to discuss your local GP consortia needs, please contact our GP Liaison Officer Lorna Bentley on 07712789072 or our customer service team on 01625 505406. Or by email to