Early pregnancy assessment and preterm prevention clinic

A clinic for early pregnancy problems and recurrent miscarriages.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your partner, but it can also be a time for worry. Whether you have experienced any problems or just need someone to talk through your concerns, our consultant gynaecologists offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for a variety of early pregnancy problems.

The early pregnancy clinic at Spire Parkway Hospital is a specialised service for women in the first trimester of pregnancy, up until 11+6 weeks. The clinic is also suitable for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages or are worried about an ectopic pregnancy.

The early pregnancy assessment clinic offers a comprehensive service for women who have suffered previous pregnancy losses and looks to provide women with such a history with the appropriate support and expertise.

Women who attend the clinic will be assessed with a view to determining underlying causes and support as needed, with access to ultrasound scans and follow-ups in the difficult times in early pregnancy when anxiety may be high. 

 The preterm prevention clinic supports women who have suffered preterm births and mid trimester miscarriages or early neonatal deaths. Following a detailed medical history, the service includes thorough investigation of any underlying causes, with the aim of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy ultrasound scanning

At Spire Parkway Hospital, Solihull, we offer a comprehensive specialist pregnancy ultrasound service in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We aim to help parents-to-be and their families enjoy the experience of seeing their unborn baby grow and develop in the womb.

All scans are done by Miss Patni, a consultant specialist in foetal medicine who is able to use her specialist expertise to assess if your baby is developing normally and also to provide you with images to help you bond with your unborn baby.

During each scan, Miss Patni will explain what is being seen and at the end of each scan you will be given a formal report of the scan findings, which will also be fully explained to you.

There are no hidden extra costs, the price of all scans after 11 weeks include scanning, and a CD containing images as seen on the scan machine.

Scans offered Weeks of pregnancy Guide price
Viability scan 6-10 £85
With consultation 6-10 £120
Cervical scans 12 week onwards £100
Growth scan 14-18 £130
Anomaly scan 19-20 £170

To make an appointment with Miss Shalini Patni, Consultant Obstetrician, please call 0121 704 5550