Importance of early diagnosis

Early diagnosis of cancer increases the chances of good recovery and outcomes, as such our rapid access and one stop clinics - for breast and haematuria - provide consultant and specialist-led assessment and diagnosis, complemented by ease of access to on-site diagnostic facilities and pathology. This service is designed to diagnose disease and start a treatment pathway quickly, while providing our patients peace of mind and fast access to care.

Treatment options

A range of private treatment options are available at Spire Parkway Hospital, including chemotherapy and surgery. Although we do not offer radiotherapy on-site, if this is identified as the best treatment option for you, or as a possible adjunct to another treatment option, your Spire consultant will arrange for your radiotherapy treatment to be carried out elsewhere, we have links to private and NHS radiotherapy providers and will assist with arranging treatment. As treatment programmes can include a combination of therapies, your care will be tailored to suit your individual clinical needs. Our service is designed to provide holistic care and support before, during, and after treatment. We also provide that all-important personal element at what can be, for obvious reasons, a difficult and challenging time. In recognition of this we have been awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark.

How to access our services

Patients can access consultant-led oncology assessment, diagnosis and treatment quickly via their GP, and there’s no waiting list for access to treatment. Further information about this can be found by contacting the Spire Specialist Care Centre on 0121 704 5528 or emailing