Surgeon plans one-legged challenge to raise help for heroes cash

25 October 2016

Super-fit surgeon Paul Super found himself in need of medical attention when he broke his ankle in dramatic fashion at the end of a 12-mile Tough Mudder Challenge!

Paul, who specialises in upper gastrointestinal and laparoscopic surgery at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, completed the obstacle-strewn assault course and simply had to leap off a 40-foot tower, ring a bell in mid-air and then land on a special safety cushion below.

Unfortunately the ‘return to earth’ didn’t go to plan and he  landed on his ankle, breaking the fibula and tearing attached ligaments – within hours his leg was in plaster and a quick return to work seemed very unlikely.

 But, thanks to a special leg brace produced in America, Paul is back in clinic and also preparing for his next Tough Mudder – which he intends to do on one leg to raise money for Help the Heroes!

“As soon as I was given traditional crutches I knew they weren’t for me and went straight on the internet to find an alternative.

“I discovered the iWalk 20 and thought ‘that’s the one I want’. It only cost £160 and means I can move around with almost total freedom and, most importantly, have both my hands free.

“I haven’t gone back into the operating theatre yet, I think I’ll wait until I have two feet on the ground for that, but it means I can see patients in clinic either to keep an eye on their progress or look at future surgical treatment,” said Paul.

Paul has found getting around on his ‘supercrutch’ - which keeps his leg at a 90 degree angle while allowing him to take his weight on his knee -  so easy he has no fears about wearing it when the Tough Mudder season starts again in March.

“I have done several Tough Mudders in the past but I admit doing it one leg will be a bit of a challenge,” he said. “I thought it I could use it to raise awareness of the Armed Forces who have lost a limb then I thought I might as well get sponsored and raise some cash for Help the Heroes at the same time,” he said.

Paul Super back in clinic thanks to his ‘supercrutch’



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