Shave-off raises cash for Kay appeal

04 October 2016

Spire Parkway Hospital director Tony Yates and PR manager Colin Clark were ‘sheared’ by Hockley Heath wigs expert and former barber Baz Oldershaw as part of their attempt to raise money for the Katy Dawson appeal.

Thirty-six-year-old Katy Dawson was pregnant with her second child when doctors discovered she had breast cancer. She had a mastectomy while still pregnant and then was induced at 38 weeks so her chemotherapy treatment could begin

 Evan was born  - a brother for four-year-old Aurelia – but Katy and husband Paul, who, live in Bromsgrove, were told her  breast cancer was classed as triple negative a type  - something that only occurs  in around 15% of women diagnosed.

Treatment options for such cancer are very limited, but Katy discovered a clinic in Germany that has had positive results with treatments such as immunotherapy - a process where a person’s immune cells are programmed to kill their cancer cells – as well as some other treatments not available in the UK.

Unfortunately the initial cost of treatment is £50,000 and that is likely to more than double for a programme that could clear Katy of her cancer.

“I heard about Katy’s story from someone who works at our hospital and just thought we had to do something to help,” said Tony. “We’ve had great support so far and once people see our ‘new look’ I’m sure we’ll get more cash donated.”

To make a donation and learn more about the appeal visit:


Looking nervous - before the shave!

Hospital Director, Tony Yates, PR Manager Colin Clark and Baz Oldershaw, prepare for the shave off.


Looking worried, Tony Yates, Hospital Director from Spire Parkway Hospital, Solihull

Looking worried, Hospital Director Tony Yates


The final cut in the Parkway shave off!


The final cut for Tony!

Colin's farewell to his flowing locks!

It's all coming off!

A close shave

It's close shave for Colin!

Well done- the Parkway shave off 2016!

Well done - the Parkway shave-off 2016!


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