London trip to celebrate 21 years’ service

06 December 2016

Two of Spire Parkway’s staff celebrated 21 years of service with an all-expenses paid trip to London’s RAC Club where they enjoyed lunch with other people from around Spire Healthcare who were also marking long service awards.

Senior pharmaceutical technician Denise Hart and anaesthetic nurse Ute Patterson enjoyed a Champagne breakfast with friends at Parkway before being whisked away to London for a very special afternoon.

Before they left Parkway HD Tony Yates the pair for their commitment and loyalty and added that he hoped they would still be at the hospital for many more years to come.

Denise said: “We had an absolutely fabulous time and it was great to meet up with people from around the group. It was a lovely way to mark our 21 years at Parkway.”



Celebrating 21 years' service


A Champagne farewell for Denise and Ute as colleagues at Parkway ‘raised a glass’ before the pair left for London

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