Bridget rings out happy news as she finishes her cancer treatment

18 August 2017

Ring when you’re winning!

Bridget Sproston made sure everyone heard about her successful breast cancer treatment when she became the first person to ring the new End of Treatment Bell at Spire Parkway’s Specialist Care Centre.

Following a six month course of chemotherapy mum-of-two Bridget, who lives in Knowle, rang out the news of her completed treatment in great, if rather loud, style!

The bell was provided by the End of Treatment Bell charity following a donation by the hospital.

Elisa Mills, Macmillan Cancer Services Manager at the Centre said: “When someone finishes their treatment, hugs, cheers and sometimes tears are usually the order of the day but we just felt that giving the bell a blooming good ring would just add to the occasion.”

Fifty-three-year-old Bridget, whose chemotherapy was overseen by Consultant Oncologist Dr Indrajit Fernando, said: “My treatment here has been absolutely fabulous. Everyone is so friendly, enthusiastic and very professional. They have become good friends and although I’m glad to have finished my treatment I will miss everyone here."

“Giving the bell a good ring was very satisfying and I’m sure it will become a really popular feature as many more people complete their treatment.”

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