Spire Norwich Hospital holds weekly conservative knee pain exercise classes within our Physiotherapy department that anyone can join.

Pain in your knees can be debilitating. However, there is evidence to show that exercising and progressively increasing load is highly beneficial in lessening knee pain, improving function and reducing the need for surgery.

If you are managing to maintain independent movement and muscle strength following surgery, the likelihood is that you will benefit from classes. Not only will the class be good for your recovery, it is also useful to share experiences with other people who have undergone similar surgery.

How will the class work?
The class will be taken by a registered Physiotherapist who will discuss and demonstrate a set of exercises. The exercises will be set out at different ‘stations’ and you will move from one station to the next to complete a full circuit. Exercises include, static bike pedalling, bending and straightening your knee whilst sitting and step exercises. The exercises are aimed at increasing your movement and muscle power, rather than making you work up a sweat!

How long will I need to attend the classes?
You will be advised to attend one session each week for around four weeks.

It can take between four-eight weeks for the benefits can take to show. You will need to continue some exercise after you have completed the course to continue to maintain that benefit. Your Physiotherapist will discuss this with you during your last session. Should the Physiotherapists feel you require any further treatment after the course of classes, they will write to your doctor with a recommendation.

Who can attend the classes?
The classes are open to all. Patients will be assessed to ensure they are relevant for the classes. You can book yourself onto the courses, but patients can be referred to attend the classes by a GP or a consultant as well.

How much does it cost?
Initial screening and assessment by a physiotherapist is £20. Thereafter, each one hour session, supervised by a physiotherapist is £41.50. You can pay for this yourself, or you can use medical insurance. But if you plan on using medical insurance, please check with your provider first. They may require a referral letter from a GP or consultant before agreeing.

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To book an initial assessment or find out further information, contact the Spire Norwich Hospital Physiotherapy department.