Headache clinic

Take control of your headaches. Private consultant-led healthcare for East Anglia.

About the Headache Clinic

Our consultants pride themselves on caring for their patients, not just treating symptoms.

The categorisation of your headache is key to establishing what further treatment may be required. The categories are:

  • primary headache - which are benign and not related to another condition
  • secondary headache - which are a result of another condition

Although the cause of headaches may require investigation by a consultant neurologist - it is important to remember that the most common headache by far is primary and therefore, not a serious threat to your health. 

The consultant neurologists at Spire Norwich Hospital have established an independent Headache Clinic to offer diagnosis, support and treatment for all headache sufferers.

The service includes:

  • consultant-led care thorough assessment and individualised treatment
  • rapid access to scanning facilities
  • private consultation rooms and personalised care
  • no waiting lists
  • no GP referral required
  • treatment for all, insured or not

Our consultants

At Spire Norwich Hospital our experienced consultant neurologists Dr Jeff Cochius, Dr David Dick, Dr Vaclav Dostal and Dr Martin Lee pride themselves on caring for their patients, not just treating symptoms.

Your first step is to visit the Headache Clinic for a consultation conducted by a consultant neurologist. Your one-to-one consultation will ensure you receive personally tailored advice and treatment.


At your first appointment you will be assessed by a consultant neurologist who will:

  • take a detailed history and thoroughly assess your condition
  • undertake a general neurological examination, including examination of your neck and shoulders
  • review and discuss potential underlying causes
  • identify triggers and advise preventive measures to help avoid attacks
  • review and advise regarding current and future medication

How to book

The Headache Clinic is open to all, please contact our customer service advisers on 01603 255 614 who will be happy to advise the cost for your initial consultation.