Rapid Access Carpal Tunnel Clinic

What is it?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition that occurs when there is too much pressure on a nerve in the wrist. This may result in pain, numbness or tingling of the thumb, fingers and hand. The service will be overseen by Mr Vijaya Bhalaik who regularly treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Spire’s fully equipped theatres.

How does the Rapid Access Carpal Tunnel Clinic work?

You will firstly be seen and assessed in the physiotherapy department by a fully qualified physiotherapist, specialising in the treatment of hands, who will ask you to complete a short questionnaire. Your responses will be analysed and the score will determine whether you require nerve conduction studies. The nerve conduction test will take a couple of minutes. Small sensors will be placed on your hands and a reading will be taken. Following your assessment you will be seen by your consultant for an examination. If he confirms that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome he will discuss your treatment options. If you require surgery you will be offered a date as soon as possible. If your consultant suspects a different diagnosis you may require additional investigations such as an X-ray.

What happens if I require surgery?

Following your consultation, if you require surgery, you will be offered an appointment as soon as possible, when convenient to both you and Surgeon.

How much does it cost?

The consultations, assessment and nerve conduction test will cost £395. If your consultant recommends splints in your management programme these will be charged separately. If you require surgery there will be an additional fee of £995 which covers the total cost of your theatre procedure.