Andrea Jones's partial knee replacement with Mr Ng

14 August 2017

Andrea tells her story

"I am a 51 year old female with a history of knee pain, caused initially by an incident whilst walking my dog six years ago! I went to see Mr Ng in March 2017 at Spire Methley Park near Leeds. He listened to my concerns regarding my knee pain, and my previous unsatisfactory treatment. I explained how debilitating my knee had become, and how it was affecting my everyday life... How I was unable to sleep and walk any distance! Mr Ng quickly made the decision I was in fact an ideal candidate for a half knee replacement.

"I was subsequently booked in for a partial knee replacement under the care of Mr Ng. I had everything explained to me, from how the operation would be performed, to what anaesthetic would be used, and also how physiotherapy would help after with my rehabilitation. I spent two nights in hospital, following my operation, and was sent home on crutches.

Seven weeks on from my knee replacement, I am now able to walk unaided for the first time in six years. I am completely pain free, and no longer walk with a limp... Its life changing! I can’t express my gratitude enough that Mr Ng was able to see the benefits I would gain from this operation regardless of my age! At 51 years old I am now looking forward to working again part time, and finally being able to take my beloved dog Milo for walks again..."


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