One Stop Bowel Clinic

At Spire Manchester Hospital we now offer a One Stop Bowel Clinic

This clinic is for quick assessment and treatment for patients suffering from a range of symptoms such as:

  • Bright red rectal bleeding
  • Pain when opening bowels
  • Small haemorrhoids

What happens on the day?

  • An initial consultation with a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
  • If appropriate, you will be offered a flexible sigmoidoscopy. This is a small camera on a flexible tube which is passed through the back passage into the left colon.
  • Your Consultant will be able to carry out additional treatments on the day if required, such as polyp removal and banding of piles. You will always be informed before any treatment is carried out.

Do I need a referral?

A referral letter is not required for self-funding patients. Prices start from £1,520 which includes a consultation and flexible sigmoidoscopy. For patients having a biopsy or removal of polyps, a follow up consultation will be required and there will be an additional fee.

Insured patients will need authorisation cover for a consultation and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Please contact your insurance provider to check if a GP referral letter is required.

Please note, in most cases sedation is not required to undergo a flexible sigmoidoscopy. Should you find the investigation uncomfortable you may need to be re-booked for the procedure with sedation.

Specialist Consultant Colorectal Surgeons

Call us on 0161 447 6700 to find out more.