One Stop Breast Clinic

Providing rapid access to breast care specialists 4 days a week*

One stop breast clinic

At Spire Manchester Hospital we offer a 'One Stop Breast Clinic' 4 days a week*, providing quick assessment and diagnosis for any breast symptoms you’re experiencing such as:

  • Have you discovered a lump? 
  • Are you experiencing breast pain? 
  • Have you noticed a change in your skin such as dimpling or puckering?
  • Has the area around your nipple darkened? 
  • Is the nipple being drawn inward?

Whatever your concern, from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment - we aim to offer continuous and seamless care for all our patients.

* Subject to clinic availability 

What does the clinic provide on the day?

  • Initial consultation with the consultant of your choice
  • Physical examination
  • Mammogram and/or ultrasound as per the consultant’s recommendation – same day results
  • Aspiration of cyst fluid (if required)
  • Biopsy (if required) – these results are usually available within 48 hours
  • Gene testing (if required)

Do I need a referral?

A referral letter is not required for self-funding patients. Prices start from £427 which includes an initial consultation and a bilateral mammogram.

If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurance provider to check if a GP referral letter is required.

Specialist breast care consultants and nursing team

Our consultants work closely with specialist breast care nurses Stella and Sam, to offer support and discuss any queries you may have throughout your journey.

Our specialist breast care consultants:

 Some of our breast care team

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