Loved ones play a vital role in recovery.

Friends and family

At Spire Manchester Hospital we know that the support of family, friends and colleagues means a lot, so we keep our visiting hours flexible. You may have visitors at any time between 10am and 8pm, although we consider it important that our patients are given adequate rest times.

If undisturbed rests periods are required to help your recovery, the nurse looking after you will make appropriate arrangements to prevent disturbances. This can also apply if you do not wish to receive visitors at any time during your stay. Having visitors can be quite tiring and we find that most patients generally prefer to have only one or two visitors at any time.

Visitors with disability

Recognising the needs of every individual, all of our hospitals are accessible to everybody, so we welcome visitors with disabilities. Spire takes its responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) as employers (Part II), and service providers (Part III) very seriously.

Our goal is to recognise the needs of every individual and to provide health and care services that are appropriate, respectful, inclusive and equal. We always try to meet the needs of any visitor to our buildings. We provide patient information in a variety of formats, including large print and audio versions, and we seek to ensure that our buildings, access routes, signage and lighting meet the needs of people with disabilities.


Children are always welcome in our hospital and they are welcome to visit you if accompanied and supervised by an adult.