Spire Liverpool Hospital consultant attends royal reception

15 May 2014

Spire Liverpool Hospital consultant, Ken Ward-Atherton was recently formally invited to attend a royal reception at St. James Palace in London.

Ken, who also holds the titles Lord of Little Witley and Hurcott Worcestershire, discussed the clinic services he offers at Spire Liverpool Hospital with HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York, members of the Saudi Royal Family and many other high profile dignitaries during the visit. 

The consultant was previously a Department of Health advisor for the first government report on Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines for the Minister of State for Health in 2008 and also worked extensively in the NHS prior to his Allied Health Consultant post in Food Intolerances and Complementary Medicine.

Lord Ward-Atherton said: “His Royal Highness spent some time talking to me about his tremendous support for complementary medicine. We also discussed the food intolerance consultations I hold at Spire Liverpool Hospital and Formby Clinic and also my previous work in the NHS.

“It was quite a day as I found myself also sharing the train compartment on the way to London with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. To meet a senior member of the Royal Family and a Deputy Prime Minister in one day must be quite a record.” 

Lord Ward-Atherton offers an effect comprehensive range of complementary therapy interventions at Spire Liverpool Hospital for diet related health issues and has recently introduced an effective food intolerance screening for his patients.

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