Women's health physiotherapy

There are certain specifically female health problems that affect women at different times in their lives that specialist physiotherapy can help with.

Women’s health physiotherapy focuses on all issues related to Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Whether you are pregnant, a new mum, recovering from gynaecological  surgery, have pelvic pain or are experiencing incontinence, prolapse or other pelvic floor concerns, women’s health physiotherapy can help to improve your health, fitness and well-being.

As many as one in three women will experience some kind of women’s health problem during their lifetime, but often they are too embarrassed to seek help.

Providing a confidential and discreet service, our women’s health physiotherapist Margie Critchley specialises in the treatment of urogynaecological conditions and pelvic floor dysfunctions including prolapses and urinary incontinence.

Can't do a star jump or sneeze without having an accident? Don't suffer in silence; let us help you take control.

We recognise the sensitivity around women’s health related issues and the importance of providing a private and discreet environment in which you can seek advice and treatment, feeling confident enough to talk openly about your problems knowing everything you say will remain strictly confidential.

How might women's health physiotherapy help me?

  • by enabling you to be more active and exercise with confidence
  • helping you remain dry on coughing or sneezing
  • enabling you to ‘hold on’ instead of having to rush to the toilet
  • by cutting down the frequency of visits to the toilet
  • through managing prolapse symptoms and reducing any feelings of discomfort
  • allowing you to take control of bowel problems
  • resolving certain kinds of sexual dysfunction
  • by reducing your pain
  • improving the daily quality of your life

What can I expect if I book an appointment?

You will have a full assessment with the opportunity to ask lots of questions followed by expert guidance, information, advice and a management programme specifically designed for your needs. There are many treatments that can help alleviate women's health problems including exercises, trigger point release, bladder drills and coping techniques and neuro stimulation.

How do I access this service?

There is no need to get a referral from your doctor; you can contact us directly on 0116 265 3685 to make an appointment.

Who will I see?

Margie Critchley  B. Phys, MCSP, HPC

Margie graduated from Queensland University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1980 and has over 20 years' experience in women's health physiotherapy both in the NHS and privately.

If you have any specific concerns you would like to discuss with Margie Critchley, call us 0116 2653653 and select option 2.