Services and facilities

Our oncology services and facilities are designed to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment and care, with support available at every stage of their treatment journey with us.

We provide a safe and streamlined service through our:

  • Up to date technology and equipment
  • On site pathology
  • On site MRI & CT scanners, X-ray and ultrasound

The chemotherapy service is based in our dedicated Chemotherapy Suite. The facility has its own private consulting room, six individual pods affording a high level of privacy, six beds and a spacious, comfortable waiting area. It is situated on the first floor, close to theatres and the lift, ensuring easy access to the outpatient consulting rooms and the imaging suite on the ground floor.

Treatment is given in our Chemotherapy Suite with instant access to senior doctors at all times.


We provide a wide range of diagnostic imaging and tests on site with a fixed MRI and CT, mammography, ultrasound and plain films available daily. A team of radiologists cover the imaging department and are able to carry out interventional radiology procedures and a report in minimal time scales.


The hospital has an onsite pathology unit and blood tests can be taken and the results received within an hour. Biochemistry, pathology, histopathology are all provided for through our laboratory.


An onsite pharmacy team, led by oncology trained pharmacists, clinically review, dispense, check and issue medication in line with prescribed treatment regimes, at a time that suits both the patient and consultant. This includes medication counselling and a review by the consultant as necessary.


Specialist physiotherapy services such as acupuncture for neuropathy (altered sensation in the hands and feet) and relaxation, exercise guidance and massage are available for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We are also able to offer reflexology treatment during chemotherapy.

Supporting hospital services

As the hospital is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, patients can make contact at any time if a problem arises and can be admitted for any necessary treatment very rapidly. We also have a resident medical officer available at all times ensuring rapid access to medical care.