Act of kindness to breast cancer patients

26 October 2017

Childhood friends Shivani and Shital, have known each other since they were 11 and have helped and supported each other over the years in many ways.

Shital is currently undergoing treatment at Spire Leicester Hospital for breast cancer, coming into the chemotherapy unit on a regular basis. Arriving for treatment on the 26th October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she was accompanied by Shivani, who was, quite literally, armed with 17 beautiful gift bags!

Having previously raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness every year since a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer - and impressed by the care shown to her friend by the oncology team at Spire - this year Shivani decided to do something a little different.

Shivani crammed gift bags with a selection of carefully chosen goodies; little luxury items that she had bought herself or were donated by her customers, friends and family - a beautiful  make-up bag, pretty jewellery, natural skin care products, muscle relaxant cream, sweet smelling candles, herbal tea, fluoride free toothpaste and sweets given by Shivani’s children who insisted that everyone would definitely enjoy a sugary treat!

Having given her friend Shital her own gift, tied up with a pink ribbon, Shivani then presented a gift bag to all the ladies on Spire Leicester’s chemotherapy unit who were both delighted and touched by Shivani’s thoughtfulness!

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